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25 Python Developer Interview Questions for All Levels

To make a deep copy (or clone) of an object, we import the built-in copy module in Python. This will join the elements in an array using an empty string between each element. It is an environment variable, which is used when a module is imported. Whenever a module is imported, PYTHONPATH is also looked up to check for the presence of the imported modules in various directories. You need to implement a caching mechanism using decorators or the functools.lru_cache function.

These versatile professionals possess a unique skillset that spans across front-end and back-end development, using one of the most popular programming languages today – Python. Help() function in Python is used to display the documentation of modules, classes, functions, keywords, etc. It behaves differently with different objects, as it aims to produce the most relevant data, rather than the complete information. Python developers are expected to have a strong understanding of the language’s core concepts, and the __init__ method is fundamental to working with classes and objects in Python. Optimizing database queries is a critical aspect of a full stack developer’s role, as it directly impacts the performance and efficiency of applications. Showcasing your experience in this area can demonstrate your commitment to creating high-performing applications that meet both user and business needs.

What is the map function, and how is it different from list comprehension?

The `pickle` module is used for serializing and deserializing Python objects, allowing you to save and load objects to and from disk. The `pickle` module provides the `dump()` and `load()` functions for writing and reading pickled objects, respectively. Metaclasses are classes that define the behavior of other classes. In Python, a metaclass is responsible for creating, modifying, and initializing classes. By default, the `type` class is the metaclass for all classes in Python.

  • PHP is primarily used for web development and can be embedded into HTML, making it efficient for creating dynamic web pages.
  • It is a set of rules that specify how to format Python code for maximum readability.
  • The collection type like a list, tuple, dictionary, and set are all iterable objects whereas they are also iterable containers which return an iterator while traversing.
  • Optimizing code performance is an essential skill for developers.
  • The ‘finally’ block defines a block of code that will be executed regardless of whether an exception is raised or not.
  • Chaining involves storing multiple key-value pairs at the same index in a linked list, while open addressing searches for the next available slot if a collision occurs.

List comprehension execution is faster than that of map function when the formula expression is huge and complex. Generators are useful when working with large datasets or infinite sequences. Read large files line by line with generators, if loading the entire file in memory isn’t feasible.

What is Flask as it is used in Python, and what are some of its benefits?

You can use list comprehensions to create lists based on the contents of an existing collection. In this article, we’ve drafted seven Python interview questions to help you prepare for your next technical interview. For more interview prep, check out our guide to interviewing in the tech industry, including technical and behavioral interview tips. While interviews can be stressful, practice is the only way to get prepared. To test your coding interview skills, try Educative-99 in Python. The Python dictionary, dict, contains words and meanings as well as key-value pairs of any data type.

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Pickling uses the pickle.dump() method to dump python objects into disks. Unpickling uses the pickle.load() method to how to become a python developer get back the data as python objects. Whereas, unpickling is the conversion of binary form data to python objects.